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DuPont StoneTech® Professional Sustainability Commitment

DuPont is a 205 year old science company focused on creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere.

At DuPont, we believe that what is good for business should also be good for the environment and for people everywhere. Our mission is sustainable growth – creating shareholder and societal value while reducing the environmental footprint along the value chain in which we operate.

DuPont has the experience and expertise to put our science to work at the earliest stages of product development in ways that can help protect or enhance human health, safety and the environment. Through our science, we work to design products and processes that must pass rigorous criteria for the use of renewable resources, energy, water and materials. We believe this is a direct route to a successful, profitable business that adds value for our customers, their customers, consumers, and the environment.

Environmental Certification

There are many environmental certifications available. That’s why at DuPont we’re transparent about our commitment to environmental sustainability through the following:

Some Notable DuPont Sustainability Accomplishments and Commitments

  • DuPont was one of the first companies to publicly establish environmental goals nearly 20 years ago
  • From 1990-2003, DuPont reduced our global greenhouse emissions (CO2 equivalents) by 72%. In October 2006 DuPont announced a further goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% from a 2004 base.
  • Since 1990, DuPont has reduced our global air carcinogen emissions by 92% with efforts ongoing to reach our goal of 96% by 2015 against the base year of 1990.
  • By 2015, DuPont expects to ensure that 100% of our global manufacturing sites have successfully completed an independent third party verification of the effectiveness of their environmental management goals and systems.
  • Also by 2015, DuPont has committed to reducing our water consumption by at least 30% at our global sites where fresh water supply has been deemed scarce or stressed by the United Nations.
  • DuPont is introducing fleet vehicles that represent the leading technologies for fuel efficiency and fossil fuel alternatives.

DuPont Sustainability Recognition

  • Ranked in Climate Disclosure Leadership, 2007, with a rating of AAA
  • Ranked #1 on Business Week’s 2005 list of "Top Green Companies".
  • 2006 Recipient of the National Safety Council’s "Green Cross Safety Medal".
  • Recipient of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2003 Presidential Green Chemistry Award.
  • Named to 2006 "Wired 40" list, published by Wired magazine to recognize companies for innovation, environmental stewardship, and strategic vision.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

LEED Green Building Rating System is the nationally accepted standard for green buildings developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED Certification applies only to building projects, not materials, products or services. Below are the two categories under which DuPont StoneTech® Professional products can earn points for a project.

Materials and Resources

  • Local/Regional Materials – 20% Manufactured Locally (within 500 miles of our manufacturing site, Pittsburg, CA)

Indoor Environmental Quality – Low Emitting Materials, Paints and Coatings

VOCs and DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional Products

DuPont has proven itself an industry leader in identifying, interpreting and complying with all Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) regulations in the stone care products category.

The DuPont StoneTech® Professional product line complies with federal, state and local VOC laws, which includes filing annual reports with the EPA and noting VOC content on product labels where required by law.

U.S. consumers recognize DuPont as a Leader, as Innovative and as Progressive. DuPont scores above the 94th percentile on these attributes when compared to more than 2600 other consumer brands (according to the 2006 BrandAsset® Valuator).* DuPont has earned this reputation through generations of product introductions and materials that make a real difference in people’s lives.

Some industry participants have chosen to meet VOC regulations with highly flammable VOC-exempt solvents, or by bundling small container sizes of high VOC content products. DuPont has chosen instead to develop new, high performance, low VOC content, water-based alternatives wherever possible.

DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional Water-Based Products

DuPont’s water-based products are among the highest performing available in the industry today. In September 2007, DuPont launched three new water-based products (featured below) to complete our portfolio.

Environmentally Focused Reformulation Activity at DuPont

Below is a summary of accomplishments by DuPont since 2006 in our continuous effort to offer a more sustainable DuPont StoneTech® Professional product line without compromising quality or performance.

Post-Consumer Recycled Resin and DuPont

DuPont StoneTech® Professional buys 25% post-consumer recycled resin (PCRR) for all plastic packaging from 10.5 to 128 oz containers.

DuPont elected to make this sustainability improvement across our entire line even though PCRR content is not mandated in other states.

Reducing the DuPont Footprint

While we have made progress in reducing our environmental footprint, we recognize we have more to do. At DuPont, "The Goal is Zero." Guided by our core values, reducing our environmental footprint will always be a top priority.

* Source: BrandAsset® Valuator (BAV) is the world's largest study of brands and is managed by Young & Rubicam Brand Asset Consulting. In the U.S. BAV conducts a quarterly survey collecting over 10,000 consumer opinions of 2,600 brands each year.

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